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Hello and welcome to my writings.

Practical insights, skills and strategies to help you understand and overcome chronic pain and suffering.

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What are people saying?

Hi Richmond ,

I would like to thank you very much indeed for your Daily messages. I am finding them extremely helpful in my continuing journey to recovery. 

Regards and many thanks,

Here are some of my thoughts which I hope will be of some use.

I look forward to your daily deliveries as for me it tells me that you really care and not just when I am with you for an appointment. That means a lot to me, thank you very much.

I don't receive many emails which start with a photo. I think it is a great intro to your insights, an attention grabber and I know something worthwhile is going to follow.

I like the spacing you give to your messages, for me it encourages thought and reflection.

The links are useful.

Hi Richmond, Thanks so much for these posts. One of the most helpful things about them is that they are bite-sized reminders that I read at the start of the day which help to set me on the right course for the day ahead. I loved reading your book. It is absolutely jam-packed with insights and pointers that have been hugely instrumental in re-orienting my approach to living well with chronic pain.

And I am also loving the sessions we have been having which are helping to bring this understanding into practical action in my life to affect positive change and wellbeing.

These wonderful posts help me to regularly remember all the new things I am exploring and give me added courage and encouragement. Thank you!

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